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The Proposed University Avenue scheme is an opportunity to break down literal and metaphorical walls.

11 September 2023
Limerick Cycling Campaign strongly supports the proposed scheme to open up a connection between Moyross and Moylish, Below is our letter of support for the project. 
University Road impression

University Road impression

To whom it may concern,

Limerick Cycling Campaign welcomes the opportunity to comment on the University Avenue consisting of a 650m long pedestrian, cycle and vehicular infrastructure link between Moyross and Moylish. We appreciate the thoughtful design from Ryan Hanley, the championing of the project Regeneration and Active Travel offices within Limerick Council and the funding made available from both the NTA and the Dept of Housing to see this project brought to this stage. 

Moyross is a community that in many ways has been historically severed from the wider city. The advancement of this project is an important literal and metaphorical hole in this wall. The connection to neighbouring communities, work and education is essential to keep in mind during this project. 

The importance of high-quality active travel links is essential to allow residents from the area to access education (TUS), shopping, work and other amenities. While the infrastructure proposed here is of an excellent standard we have some observations we feel would further strengthen it, especially in the context of the newly released Cycle Design Manual. 

  • There are areas where the width of the cycle lanes drops below 1.5m. With the launch of the new Cycle Design Manual from the NTA there is a requirement for all projects to be compliant with it’s designs. There are plans from community groups within the area to use non-standard bikes such as trikes for delivery and collection purposes. The width of these bikes requires the retention of the 1.5m width to ensure they can serve members of the community. 
  • We feel that there is a clear opportunity to redesign the junctions in line with the new Cycle Design Manual to ensure coherence of route for pedestrians and cyclists across these junctions. Considering the higher than normal volumes of vulnerable pedestrians due to its location near the school and university every effort should be made to prioritise VRUs above vehicles at these danger points.
  • Moyross is served by the Northside Family Resource Centre, the largest FRC in the country. It is the key provider of services to the community of Moyross across all age levels from preschool to older people. We would ask that a variation to the scheme be accepted to continue the eastbound bike link to the cul de sac near the centre (proposed bike lane in blue in the attached image).
University Road Limerick

University Road Limerick

We would like to thank you again for the detailed and thoughtful plan for this long-overdue connection for the people of Moyross. We fully support the ideals of connecting our communities and knocking down walls that this project embodies.


Conor Buckley

Chairperson, Limerick Cycling Campaign

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