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About – Limerick Cycling

Limerick Cycling Campaign is a voluntary, non-partisan organisation advocating for the growth of cycling for people of all ages and abilities as a normal everyday safe and efficient mode of transport in and around the city. We recognise that cycling offers an inexpensive and benign solution to many of the challenges of transport, public health and the general urban environment and it should serve a more integral role as part of the overall transport strategy for Limerick city.

Our Vision

Our vision is that cycling will be a normal part of transport and everyday life in Limerick.

Our Mission

In order to realise the vision of cycling being a normal part of everyday transport and life in Limerick, Limerick Cycling Campaign believes that a number of objectives need to be met. Backed up by positive, meaningful engagement with the local authority and relevant stakeholders and the wider community, Limerick Cycling Campaign believes the following action items will go a long way to realise Limerick’s potential as a cycling friendly city:

  1. Make cycling an integral part of Limerick’s transport network
  2. Develop a connected, coherent & safe cycling network
  3. Appoint a dedicated cycle transport officer
  4. Produce a cycle network implementation plan
  5. Provide easy and affordable access to bike sharing in Limerick City
  6. Enable utility cycling before promoting it
  7. Ensure domestic and commercial urban planning applications cater for easy and secure cycle access and storage
  8. Facilitate multi-modal transport

Organisational Structure

Core Structure

Annual membership for LCC is just 10 euro per year, payable in January. This entitles members to one vote at the AGM and the opportunity to go forward for election to the steering committee. The campaigns are led and carried by the general membership and these are decided at general campaign meetings.

Campaign Meetings are chaired by the Chairperson of Limerick Cycling Campaign, who is also the Chair of the Steering Group. Limerick Cycling Campaign is affiliated with most of the other Irish cycling advocacy groups through the National Cycling Advocacy Network (cyclist.ie). Limerick Cycling Campaign has two seats on the National Executive and members can put themselves forward to serve on this.


General Campaign meetings are held every three months. Steering group meetings are held every two weeks. Each year Limerick Cycling Campaign nominates two delegates from the general membership (decided at the AGM by a vote) to the National Cycling Advocacy Network, which meets twice each year. Interested in coming to a meeting? Sign up to our newsletter

Join – Limerick Cycling

Limerick Cycling Campaign is only as strong as the volunteers who get involved. We would love to hear from anybody who shares our passion and vision for Limerick. Every new member can bring a wealth of energy, skills and enthusiasm and contribute to the effort to transform Limerick into Ireland’s best cycling city within the next decade. Email [email protected]