Local Election 2019 – We are asking candidates to sign up to 4 Actions to Make Limerick a leading Cycling City

19 April 2019
local election limerick 2019

Prior to the local (and European) elections, Limerick Cycling Campaign is asking local election candidates to sign up and support a list of actions that if enacted will make Limerick a leading cycle-friendly city. These actions are not radical ideas, they are logical and practical mechanisms that when executed correctly by local authorities, deliver results. They are not new ideas, they have been tried and tested in other cities and towns across northern Europe, cities with a similar population, spatial layout and climate as Limerick.

Limerick Cycling Campaign believes that if Limerick City and County council adopted these mechanisms, Limerick would be well placed to become a leading cycle-friendly city

Limerick is compact, flat and has wide expansive streets. 75,000 citizens of Limerick live within a 15-minute cycle of the city centre.

Investments in cycling infrastructure are not just for cyclists, cycling infrastructure eases congestion, it reduces noise and air pollution, it opens up new areas of the city and it is good for the local economy.

We are asking local election candidates to commit to supporting 4 actions in the next 4 years to ensure that Limerick lives up to its potential.

Action 1 – If elected, I will support the development of connected, coherent & safe utility cycling network through the creation and phased delivery of a ‘Cycling Network Development Plan’
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Action 2 – If elected, I will support Limerick City and County Council investing 10% of the road and transport budget on cycling infrastructure
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Action 3 -If elected, I will support the development of a Transport Steering Group and the role of a Cycling Officer within Limerick City and County Council.
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Action 4 –If elected, I will support efforts to make cycling an integral part of Limerick’s upcoming transport strategy
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We will publish responses prior to the election. If you are a candidate and have not received an email please send us an email at [email protected]

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