Limerick Metropolitan Council – Where do our councillors stand on cycling issues?

24 June 2019

Prior to the local elections in 2019, we asked candidates to sign up and support a list of actions that if enacted will make Limerick a leading cycle-friendly city. Here is an overview of what some of our newly elected councillors had to say. Thanks to all the candidates that engaged with our campaign.

Survey results

Participants & Limerick Metropolitan Council

The Limerick Metropolitan District Council (city) consists of 21 councillors. Of the 21 councillors elected in 2019, 13 participated in our pre-election survey. The breakdown of the city council is shown below along with the number of participants from each party.




Survey Participation Summary

The Results

Action 1 - Results
Action 2 - Results
Action 3 - Results
Action 4 - Results

Why this matters.

Since 2002, the modal share of work related trips made by bike in Limerick city has remained around 2.5% while trips made by car has remained around 65%. In 2009, the Government launched a plan to reduce the modal share of trips by car from the national average of 65% down to 45% and to increase the modal share of trips by bike to 10% – by 2020. It is now 2019 and as we can see, absolutely no progress has be made on either. These goals are not pie-in-the-sky numbers. In May 2019, the Government declared a climate emergency  after an Oireachtas report on Climate Action was accepted by both the Government and Opposition parties without a vote. Transport accounts for around 20% of our carbon emissions. In 2009, Ireland was given a target to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases to 20% below what they were in 2005 by 2020. Ireland has consistently lagged behind in reaching these goals and may only reduce its emissions by less than 1 per cent come 2020 after which, climate and energy experts estimate Ireland will face fines from Europe of up to €600 million a year until it meets the targets.

Work trips by bike and car

If you are a councillor and would like to participate in the survey now via email, please send us an email at [email protected]

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