#WeNeedSpace Response to Proposed Limerick Covid Measures

28 May 2020

Limerick Cycling Campaign and Limerick Pedestrian Network have warmly welcomed proposed changes by Limerick City and County Council for Summer 2020.

Their draft document “Guiding Limerick Through Covid-19: Transforming a challenge into an opportunity” features a number of transformative initiatives.

To build on this work, we are calling for the following five changes to be added to the initiative below.

Our Five Asks:

  1. The proposed advisory speed limit of 25kmh to be changed to a special speed limit of 30kmph which can be introduced by the local authority through the passing of a bye-law and enforceable by Gardaí.
  2. The plan must focus on walking as a mode of transport into the city (rather than simply walking for leisure/exercise). Therefore further reallocation of space for the safe passage of pedestrians is necessary. Many of these pedestrians are travelling to work in essential front-line services.
  3. We must maintain a continuous focus on connecting cycle routes more cohesively, particularly in how they link from the city to the suburban routes.
  4. Cycling Infrastructure must be “Access All Ages”, safe and suitable for ages 8 to 80. Paint alone is not adequate, cyclists need temporary and existing bike lanes to be segregated with orcas and wands.
  5. Review the mobility measures contained in the document on a monthly basis to enable a fast turnaround or quick fixes and upgrades.

We are providing a detailed document of these changes with best practice examples to the Council.

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