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14 January 2020

Posted by Limerick Cycling Campaign on Tuesday, January 21, 2020

A number of civil society groups have been re-thinking how we get around in our city, and we can transform urban mobility in Limerick City. “TRANSPORT FOR LIMERICK” was a public event, attended by eight of Limerick City’s Councillors.

TRANSPORT FOR LIMERICK was a series of short presentations from different groups reflecting on transport alternatives and transit life in Limerick. Organised by the Limerick Cycling Campaign, Limerick City Centre Business Forum, the Limerick Chapter of the Irish Georgian Society, Limerick Pedestrian Network, Limerick Cycle Bus, and other groups and individuals.

Read our mega-thread from Twitter below for key slides, and please share!

The event followed the Pecha Kucha format where each presentation consists of 20 slides, with 20 seconds allowed for each slide. The mission is to further inform the conversation around the consultation period of the Limerick Shannon Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy which is due to go for public consultation in early 2020 and to ensure that Limerick becomes a sustainable transport city, as prioritised in the Strategy.

The event took place on Tuesday 21st of January 2020 at City Hall, Merchants Quay, Limerick.

Conor Buckley – Limerick Cycling Campaign

Conor Buckley from our Limerick Cycling Campaign said that it’s not about cycling:

Ailish Drake – Irish Georgian Society

Ailish Drake from the Irish Georgian Society said that we need to ensure that Limerick City centre is a Destination:

Tom Dowling – Fix Limerick Bus

Tom Dowling from Fix Limerick Bus followed on with a series of solutions, including a city bus station:

Seán Golden – Land Development Agency

Seán Golden, an economist the Land Development Agency emphasised the transformative power of development at Limerick’s Colbert Station:

Madeleine Lyes – Limerick Pedestrian Network

Madeleine Lyes from Limerick Pedestrian Network said that designing the city for the most vulnerable will result in a city suitable for all:

Anne Cronin – Limerick Cycle Bus

Anne Cronin of the Limerick Cycle Bus said that kids do want to cycle to school:

Tadhg Kearney – Limerick City Centre Business Forum

Tadhg Kearney ended the evening with:

“We need a dynamic vision for our city centre. We need our officials to listen to the groups here and harness their vision and ambition to develop as a destination.”

Do these ideas resonate with you?

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